Monday, April 30, 2007
Bleeding blue and green AND blue and silver, always!
Okay this will probably be a very boring post for women and there are not too many men reading my blog so this may be a waste! But, I will feel better to get this all out! I will probably have zero comments. It's funny I have over three hundred people reading my blog everyday but I have the smallest amount of comments on any blog I have ever seen! :) Lurker, lurker! Oh how I love the lurkers! :)

I was born with a Dad obsessed with sports. Not just any sports but DALLAS sports. I love to play sports (sand volleyball to be exact) and I enjoy playing basketball too. If I did not have three kiddos at home, I would be looking for some kind of women's league to play on like I did when I was single. Right now I am dying to play tennis but I just don't see how on earth that can happen with my current mothering status. Maybe someday.

Okay, so thanks to my Dad, I really love watching the Dallas Cowboys and Dallas Maverick's. In fact, he is the one I call when the games are on. Or I call my Father-in-law because he will talk sports with me too. And I have Jeremy! Last year Jeremy got kind of crazy during football season. I heard some cuss words come out of his mouth during Cowboy season a lot! We LOVE Cowboy season! We both listened to Randy Galloway (l listened to my radio in the kitchen while cooking supper and J listened to it driving home), a relentless Terrell Owens hater, back in Dallas and enjoyed his column in the Fort Worth Star Telegram. I have to say that there is no place like Dallas when it comes to sport's media! It is insane but, we love it. It makes the fans feel like they are a part of something pretty awesome.

So last year at this time, the whole family was sporting Dallas Mavs T-shirts. In fact, the day I found out I was pregnant with Zeke, I was wearing a Dallas Mavs tshirt because we were having a watching party at our house that night for a playoff game. We even had a sign in the yard supporting the Mavericks! Those game nights became nights of grilling out and cold beer. It was so much fun! Well, now we are in Austin. I can't seem to find anyone here with the same passion. Makes me kind of sad. I can't turn on the radio and listen to Randy Galloway. But this afternoon, I plan on tuning in via Internet. Instead of seeing Dallas Maverick's tshirts, everyone is wearing San Antonio Spurs tshirts and I would not be caught DEAD wearing a Spurs tshirt! Perish the thought! No way! And for sure not the Houston Rocket's either! You can forget that!

Well today I am feeling pretty upset about our Dallas Maverick's. I wish I were in Dallas to experience this playoff nightmare with everyone else. They had the best NBA record for regular season, yet they are behind by three games! If we loose tomorrow night, it's done. Last year we came in second place and I actually remember crying when we lost to Miami. And now we are loosing to Nellie, our former coach. It's disgusting, sickening and last night I stayed up late to watch and then couldn't sleep because I was so mad. I felt like throwing up! Last year we made franchise history and if we win the next three games, it will be a miracle!

And just thinking about the Cowboy season right now makes me sad. I can't stand the thought of living three hours away from Dallas during the season. After all, you are reading the blog of a woman who dreamt of being a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader when she was five years old. I had the jacket and everything! I miss the fans already! It's still my dream to go to the traditional Thanksgiving Day game that the Cowboys play every single year. I'm going to start praying now!

I am loving Austin, promise. But these people here just don't understand! Well, we have one guy in our RC group that does. Brandon. He will understand the rule of no talking during a Cowboy game! But I don't think there is anyone else. I'm not in Dallas anymore but I am so glad that I'm still in Texas. It's the best place on earth, no doubt. Maybe I need to start going to Roundrock Express games. That will give me a sports team to pour my love on!

It seems I am having a hard time getting familiar with the news channels here. Yesterday I was struggling with the Weather guys. I miss Troy Dungan and Pete Delkus! And now I am missing the sports guys! I never in a million years expected to miss Dale Hansen but, I do. (No one likes Dale!) Actually I really miss Babe Laufenburg and Steve Dennis. You see when I watched the news this morning and even over the weekend, Austin did not highlight who Dallas chose in the NFL draft. I had to log on to see it or hear it from my Dad on the phone. And then this morning, the Austin news barely said ANYTHING about the Mavericks.

So you see, I am adjusting to more than a new house with new surroundings! I am adjusting to new news channels and the lack of excitement here for Dallas teams. Once a Dallas girl, always a Dallas girl!

(I can't imagine how my brother felt moving to Seattle. I could never leave Texas. NEVER! Glad your home Josh, glad you are home!)

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At 12:49 PM, Blogger cindy said...

I am forced to endure all the Cowboy games since that is Brandon's absolute favorite team! Ryan already has a Tony Romo jersey onesie he will be wearing this fall. His nursery looks like the freakin Cowboys locker room!
I am a Colts fan myself and I just ordered Peyton a colts windsuit that she will proudly be sporting this football season since her colts cheerleading outfit will probably be too small by September. Brandon threatened to send any Colt paraphenailla I bought for Ryan into the trash so I guess Peyton and I will root for Peyton Manning alone! (That is not where her name came from either in case you were wondering!)

At 1:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you will be ok I am sure you will be able to hear dad screaming from where your at.

They dont even care about sports that much in Seattle not like they do here

At 4:57 PM, Blogger Dee said...

Ok - granted we aren't from Texas, but we get JUST LIKE THAT over some TN football OR some NC (Mens) basketball or TN (Ladies) basketball. So - believe me - I understand! My children have ALL been adorned in the appropriate team apparel and we've been heard a time or two uttering unpleasing words over calls, plays or other football/basketball related stuff.

We left the state of TN over 10 years ago and the feelings are still there on game days..... and will always remain. Like you said, once a Dallas girl, always a Dallas girl and GIRL - it won't go away!!!! :)

At 5:11 AM, Blogger ruth said...

Oh boy this next season should be very interesting...James is a Giants fan!!
A BIG Giants fan!!
So I'm sure I don't even have to say how he feels about the Cowboys.
This will be fun!

At 12:56 PM, Blogger Amanda said...

It's okay Ruth. I like Eli AND if you were a Redskins fan, then it would be bad! :) WE HATE THE REDSKINS!!! Oh and the EAGLES!!

So maybe James and I can talk some trash during football season! :)

At 4:40 PM, Blogger Gwen said...

Oh...I was so on your side with how you love your sports until you dissed my Rockets!!!!!! THE THOUGHT!!!! I was right there when they won their championships. I even went to the game that Olajuwon recieved the MVP award! It rocked! I'm a Houston girl born and raised! Of course you know my big love is baseball! Right now I'm crying for some help for my poor Astros! I could however get into going with you to the Roundrock Express games! That would be awesome!

I play softball as well. Sorry...not a football fan but nonetheless I just had to say this post was definitely not all about the guys! I'm the sports girl here! What is funny about that is my hubby isn't into sports at all! How is that for strange? Can you believe I even married him? LOL!!!!! As we sat watching the Rockets win last night (yes I said win lol...) my sweet dear hubby kept saying, "I just don't like basketball at all." He must have said it 10 times. I finally turned to him and said, " it now I'm going to finish watching it okay?" You see...I too have the no-talking rule during games!!!

At 9:10 PM, Blogger Kate said...

Ok, now you are asking for it. I have been out of blogging and just posting pictures instead... but ahem. I saw the words Hate and Redskins in the same line. Are you ready to get fired back up in August? Cuz we are coming back big and mighty. And I won't back down!
(ps - i still love you!)


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