Tuesday, April 24, 2007
just a bunch of nothing
Okay, I am tired so I don't feel like writing anything very significant so I will just list some stuff going on. How about that? I could go to bed but blogging helps me unwind and it's quiet around here. So here's a big list of things I have running through my brain right now.

1. My hair is driving me crazy. I would love to go back to the days of being platinum blonde and it being so short that I did nothing but rub some product in it (CREW for Men is my favorite) and go. I'm not joking, I would spike it up, mess it up and even wear a cute fohawk for a girl! I loved it and so did everyone else. But, I think Jeremy would FREAK out and I think I would miss having hair I can put in a ponytail. Seriously though, my hair has major breakage and I am sick of it. I never wear it down. Never! My mom lives three hours away and with me having three kids, I have figured out that it is not realistic for me to drive to her salon and get my hair done. There is no way I can afford to keep up these highlights if I have to pay. Soooo, now I am thinking about going dark brown again! It would be easy, so easy and it was kind of fun being a brunette.

2. I need a break from the house, the kids and even the dog. I want to go somewhere all by myself and sit. Actually I want to take my Bible and read the book of Acts. I've read Acts before but I am feeling drawn to it again and my friend Vivian suggested I read it again. So I think I may sneak away tomorrow afternoon (Jeremy will be home early) and read!

3. Today is my Pastor's birthday. Jeremy went to his house tonight for a Heroes watching party (one of our favorite shows) and I stayed home with the kids. It's weird typing, "my pastor". I have not had a pastor in a long time but I sure am glad I have one now. And yes, I have been homesick but my pastor sent me an email last night and commented on my blog about this funk I've been in. It helped a lot. Yeah, let's face it, confirmation from him is good from time to time.

4. A ton of friends called me today to check on me. I always know who is reading my blogs because when I am having a hard day, the phone rings off the hook. Erika, Diana, Tiffany, Janna, Kelly F., Kelly Ann, Kathy, Paula, Ruth, Cindy. Wow. I feel super blessed! No joke, that's how many gals called me today! (Paula, I will call you tomorrow. Sorry for the phone tag!)And if I left anyone off, please forgive me. A girl can't survive without her friends!

5. I got a Bumbo off of Ebay last week and it came in the mail today. Zeke loves it!!! And I do too! We will probably be taking this in to restaurants with us for sure. I also got one of these but it is not here yet. I hope it gets here soon because I sure need it. Thankfully I was able to get this new stroller because I sold my pain in the butt, tandem jeep stroller on ebay last week too! Man, I hated that stroller!

6. Friday night is a girl's night and we are eating at a really cool place in Austin called Shady Grove(sounds like a mental hospital on a soap opera)! It should be fun to get out and spend time with the ladies! The guys have had lots of guy time lately so they all agreed to give us a break. Have fun with all the kiddos guys! :)

7. The kids love it here. I really think they are adjusting well and they love having so many kids around them. Our lack of involvement back in Dallas was not good for them. Now that we are socializing again, they are too. I am so proud of them!

8. I find that I am having to explain over and over again what a church plant is. Maybe if Kyle reads this, he will be encouraged to explain it in detail on HIS blog. Then I can send all of these inquisitive family members of mine to his site. Obviously I am not doing a good job of explaining because I continue to get the question, "Where do y'all meet on Sundays?" Then I say, "We aren't meeting on Sundays. YET!" This is followed by blank stares. Kyle, could you help me out??? Please!!! And don't explain it with any sentences ending in "blah, blah, blah, blah, blah." :)

9. I ordered a book about spiritual gifts and I can't wait to get it in the mail. It was under $5.00 on Amazon! I really feel like I know what my spiritual gifts are but I want to understand them better. One of my spiritual gifts is a HUGE struggle for me and it is also burdensome at times. So I'm going to do an independent study!

10. We are starting accountability/Bible reading groups at RC. They will be groups of three. I am really excited about it and I know it is something I need. I prayed about my group and my husband's group. I made no request to Kyle or anyone else but I prayed about who I felt like we should be with in our groups. I prayed that God would give Kyle the wisdom to choose the best fit and Kyle put me with the exact two ladies I felt I was supposed to be with and he did the same with Jeremy. And I think that is pretty cool. The fact that I prayed about it, prayed for Kyle as he chose groups and then saw God orchestrate it,gets me excited!

There you have it! Now you know all the stuff going on in this crazy head of mine! And now the night writer is going to bed.

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  posted at 12:05 PM

At 5:43 AM, Blogger April said...

Oh....the girls night out, the Bible study/reading partners, the support of your girlfriends....all sounds so great! I hope that all of that is so helpful in this time of transition for you. I have been praying for you and your family!

At 5:46 AM, Blogger Paula said...

You have a lot going on. I love alone time too. And like you, often it is taking baths when time allows. So I hope you get away. Does it feel weird to get away? I had a day to my self last week (spa pdeicure~Heavenly!!!!) and I felt like I was doing something wrong. Like I should have had a child hanging on me. Sorry for the blabbing.

Have fun on girls night out!!

Oh, those bumbo's look so cool. It is on my list of "have to buys."
Oh, tomorrow is the day!!! I will call you. So excited. I pray the legs are WIDE open!.

Okay, sorry again, this is your blog, not mine. I just miss talking to you, so that is what I am doing.....talking.

At 6:52 AM, Blogger Gina said...

You're going to join the brunette club?? YAY! :o) I hope you wake up this morning and God blesses you with a terrific day. If you ever want someone to read with, especially if it's at a coffee shope - let me know. I know between the two of us, there isn't much quiet time since we both LOVE to chat but I promise to be quiet and read. I'm sorry I was so in a funk too that I didn't even ready your blog yesterday until after midnight. Know that I'm here for you whenever you need a friend to vent to.

At 9:45 AM, Blogger Kyle Sears said...

OK, you twisted my arm. Check out my post, A Spiritual Environmentalist.

At 10:13 AM, Blogger V. said...

we'll swap photos some time...I was platinum blond and short, short, short too! I loved it, just couldn't afford the $120 every six weeks to keep it up!

At 12:51 PM, Blogger Amy said...

I have the joovy and I love it! Been thinking about a Bumbo as well...how long do kids use them, though?

At 6:58 PM, Anonymous kaukee said...

Kyle, I already like him. The church plant is so smart. If you think about it, there are church plants in the bible. You can't have a picnic with fresh produce on an empty lot-unless you go to the store to buy the stuff first. You can't reap a harvest in a parking lot...literally. TO be able to harvest your produce or plan your meal.....You have to pick the ground, prepare it, plant it, care for it, water it, feed it and show it some love and then harvest it.....then you can bring it in the house and rejoice in it. When people are asking where you have church on sunday is kind of premature isn't it???? You can't just have a building with 6 people and have a little service and hope people fall in the door. You can advertise or make signs but really who goes to church based on that. You go to church because the person that told you about it has something that you want. You feel good talking to that person and you trust them.....that is who I want to go to church with. How amazing all of you are....preparing the ground for the seed of harvest. Pretty cool if you ask me.....even if you don't.

At 3:29 PM, Blogger Kellie said...

I haven't been here in a long time and I am just amazed at what you have been doing with yourself. Praise GOD! I read your front page and am just commenting on the last post I read. Thank you for commenting on my blog. Sometimes I really don't think anyone is reading it, but I am still doing my gradual study of Acts. It has been fun checking in on you and I am still praying for you all. Hope you haven't had any of that nasty weather.


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