Wednesday, May 16, 2007
Calling all BLAKER GIRLS!!!
Okay, so let me brag on my incredible talent of KNOWING from day ONE who will be the final two. I have said from day one, Jordin and Blake! And guess what? I was right! And I have always said that he sounds like Maroon 5 and last night the producers chose a Maroon 5 song for him to sing. HA!

Now, here's the deal. For all of you that have Tivo. When your phone rings as soon as American Idol is over and you have yet to watch the show, you need to answer the phone by saying this. "I haven't watched it yet! DON'T TELL ME!" Do I make myself clear, KYLE? Sorry, but you knew Blake wasn't going anywhere!

So here's a shout out to all the RC folks! Finale party at my house next week! Gina and I will be wearing our Blake t-shirts. Okay Chris??! I'm thinking I will make a HUGE batch of tortilla soup and everyone else can bring whatever!


(I will be fine with Jordin winning too but I still think Blake will win!)

P.S. Kyle, all Lost fans know that Charlie is a dead man anyway! So there! :)


  posted at 9:45 PM

At 3:41 AM, Blogger Gina said...

GO BLAKE! GO BLAKE! GO BLAKE! You already know how I feel from last night, HA! Chris said the only money I"m spending on a Blake Tee is using a sharpie and one of his old white t-shirts...

At 10:33 AM, Blogger Kyle Sears said...

I didn't even begin to reveal what I know about next week on Lost. Maybe I should. Who's interested?

At 11:11 AM, Blogger Erika said...

Great! Maybe we can find some AI party goods! I didn't get to watch until this morning, and Kyle opted not to waste his time since he had already heard who was voted out. He always cheats on the results show anyways- fast forwards to the very end and skips all of the fun drama!

At 12:02 PM, Blogger Munchkin Land said...

I am SO on board with this one. I've been wanting it to be Blake and Jordin for a while now. I just think that is one talented guy!!

At 12:37 PM, Blogger The Nutt Shack said...

ha ha..I love all this! We don't watch AI, but now I see we should have this season!! We are more Grey's Anatomy folks...but I love all the craziness that goes around AI! ha ha! Okay next season..I'm sure what is like season 45 now? We'll totally watch! ha ha! I like Simon, that trouble causing English/ of those ish's bloke is he still on there? He's like a car shouldn't stare, you should walk away, but you just have to know what happens next and comes flying out of his mouth to dash someone's dreams! Am I dating myself...I saw season 1...but that was like..what 10 yrs ago? ha ha! Mel
PS But we're still up for a party!! ha ha! I make salsa......(smile)


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