Sunday, May 20, 2007
Ava Beth, my biggest fan!
This past week I was asked to come back and sing at Mitch's church again. Mitch is Kyle's coach and he also does our CPD stuff for church planting. Anyway, I said yes (of course) and so the whole clan headed to Mitch's church this morning. It was great to sing and look out at the end of my song and find my friends sitting all together watching me/supporting me. Kyle is pretty easy to find in the crowd. He's tall and kind of Rob Bellish looking. :)Anyway, I could not find them during my entire song until the end. As I am singing, my eyes are searching in the audience for the RC clan and I could not find them anywhere, not even Kyle. Not even Jeremy! Finally during the last part of the chorus, I spot all of them. I felt better and was so happy to have my RC family there with me.

But the highlight was during rehearsal. There was drama that my song went with and so I had to practice it a few times for the sake of the girl acting in the drama. Jeremy and the kids came early with me and sat in the audience listening. There was a handful of people. Mostly technical and volunteers setting up. The first time I sang through it, I hear Ava Beth yell at the top of her lungs, "Yeah Mommy!" And she clapped forever. Thankfully she did not did not make the dog pound noise like she does while watching American Idol! Then I sing it again and the entire time I am singing, I can hear her over the music and over my voice, yelling! "Mommy! There's Mommy Siah (this is what she calls Josiah)! Siah, do you see Mommy?!" The song ends and again with the clapping but this time she melts me, totally melts me! "Mommy, good singing. Good job Mommy! Yeah!!" Of course everyone thought she was a doll and she made me feel like a million bucks with her cheers. Then the worship pastor asks me to sing it one more time. So I sing it again! Finally, I am done and Ava Beth screams even louder, "GOOD JOB MOMMY!! GOOD JOB SINGING!!!" Thankfully Ava Beth was in Children's church during the real performance or I am afraid she would have stolen the show with her applause for mommy!

And I look forward to being there someday in the audience when she is singing or dancing or whatever else and doing the same for her. The applause of my children has got to be the greatest applause I have ever received. Oh I love them so much! So much!

Thank you Ava Beth. You made mommy feel so good. I love you tons and tons and I am so glad that you are just like me! Well, sometimes. :)

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  posted at 10:20 PM

At 9:18 PM, Anonymous Kelly Ann said...

What a sweet picture! I can TOTALLY hear her/see her in my head. I miss you guys!!

Love you!
Kelly Ann

At 6:19 AM, Blogger Gwen said...

OH...those are special moments! What a sweetheart!


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