Wednesday, March 07, 2007
Vacation week
Well I have been a little busy lately. Jeremy is on vacation this week and we have been doing all kinds of stuff! He has been promoted at work which requires him to take a few tests. That has required studying and test taking WHILE on vacation. Also I mentioned a few weeks ago that we were filing chapter 7 bankruptcy and as of today, EVERYTHING on our end is FINISHED!!! I can't tell you how relieved I feel! I really feel brand spankin' new! And Jeremy passed all of his tests and his job should be changing in the next couple of months, maybe sooner! I am so proud of him. He really is the hardest working man I have ever seen in my life and after 13 years at the same company, he has earned this promotion! I think about Proverbs 31 and the verse that talks about her husband being respected at the city gates. He works diligently and has incredible integrity. Other men respect his work ethic and that makes me so proud.

Even though we have filed chapter 7, our home and cars never fell behind. But for a while we had to live on credit. I started a business and invested way too much in home office stuff, supplies and product. Then the business did not work out. We sold a home two years ago and were required to take $8,500 to closing and so many other things played a factor. It's a long story, the details aren't that important. But we tried and tried and tried to get things right with finances and we could not do it. After much prayer, we were put in touch with an incredible attorney, who is also an incredible Godly man. He helped us feel like we were not failures but smart for taking action. In the past a bankruptcy would destroy a person but now that is not the case. In a few years we want to get a bigger house and it looks like we will be able to do that. As much as we are tempted to feel defeat, we are trying really hard not to. God's timing is amazing. Jeremy has just been promoted and with the promotion comes a raise. It seems that since we have moved (about a year and a half ago), some of the greatest blessings have come our way. It's pretty obvious the Lord put us on "fertile soil"(no pun intended)! Yes we will have a credit report that shows a bankruptcy for pretty much the rest of our lives but thank goodness the credit report does not have final say on God's plans for our lives. For He has blessed our socks off, that is for sure!

So now that we got all that mess out of the way this week, we decided to have some fun with the kids today! We still have lots to look forward to this week while Jeremy is on vacation. I am having breakfast with a friend tomorrow and then I am off to get my hair all funky at my Mom's salon! It's time for Spring/Summer hair color! I have already started the process after being tired of my winter hair! Yes, there is such a thing as Winter hair and Summer hair! Then Josiah's friend, Jackson, is coming over for a camp out in the backyard. Jeremy bought a tent for them so they are all going to camp out! Then I think we are headed to the Zoo on Friday. That's our vacation this week. I wish we were all in Destin, FL at the beach but I think a week at home will be just fine! Here is a slide show that I hope you all enjoy. I just love showing off my family. I am so proud of them! Oh and I forgot to announce to the world that I am going to be an AUNT again! Jeremy's sister is eight weeks pregnant!!! They came over for some burgers last night and I sent her home with all of my maternity clothes! I can't wait to see her belly and I can't wait to spoil that baby! Aunt Mandi is going to spoil, spoil, spoil!

And I wanted to tell one of my aunts, Carolyn, who is in the hospital receiving chemo treatments, platelet transfusions and so much more as she battles leukemia for the 2nd time, that with every single picture I snapped today, I thought of you. You minister to me so much Carolyn and I know that all of these pictures will bring a smile to your face. It blesses me that you find so much joy in just seeing pictures of my babies. We can feel your love for us and I pray that you can feel ours. We won't quit praying! We serve an incredible God who is KNOWN for miraculous things so that's what we are gonna wait on Him to do for you!Carolyn you are the strongest, most courageous woman I know! This slide show is for YOU.

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  posted at 4:44 PM

At 8:08 PM, Blogger Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

Glad everything is working out!

At 12:41 PM, Blogger Gwen said...

I love the slideshow! Your dog reminds me of ours! Our Chipper is nearly 16 years old so we likely won't have her much longer. Her Mother was my parents dog and she looked almost just like your dog!

Your patio is beautiful as well! Oh yeah...the family too! LOL!!!!!!!! I loved the series of waiting in the car for Daddy. It reminds me of quite of few of my days at the hardware store. We too wait in the car for Daddy many times! I'll have to bring the camera next time! LOL!!!!

At 1:13 PM, Blogger Wendy said...

So cute!


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