Thursday, June 07, 2007
Still limping a little
Men don't understand this. They never will. They just can't! My husband usually thinks I am insane when he hears me on the phone. He laughs when I get off the phone with my friends because I usually say, "I love you" before hanging up. The other day I did not say it when I was on the phone with someone. I honestly don't even remember who I was talking to. When I hung up, he said "Are y'all not at that place yet? You haven't told her you love her yet?" He ALWAYS makes fun of me with this stuff!

I do LOVE my friends. Life without them would not be possible and yesterday proved to me why!

My friend Gina showed up at my house yesterday, put my car seats in her car and said, "I'm dropping off Josiah and Adrianna (her 4 year old) off at Erika's house for a play date and YOU and the other two kids are coming with me. You aren't getting out of this. You are going! You can clean later! Put your makeup on in the car, get your butt (she may have said ass) dressed. I will be back in five minutes." Okay, so do you think I went? Your dang strait I went! Gina is a New Yorker and I was not about to argue with her. You see when you are Gina's friend, you are pretty much family too. That's what I love about her and her husband, Chris. Your family and they love you! They even kiss you and hug you when they see you! And it's not weird, it's awesome! Oh and my kids? She loves them too! She adores them!

This is why we need friends. We need someone that can come along, help us get our crap together and go! It was tough with the kids but it was all worth it! I needed that trip to Bath and Body Works! And she bought me something too. :) I said, "Gina, going into Bath and Body Works before payday while their sale of the year is going one is like taking a kid in Toys R Us and telling them they can't get anything!" And she said, "Well, pick something out. I'm buying you something!" Some may think that was rude to pick something out for myself. But, if I would not have done so, she would have been mad! She means business!

I needed her yesterday. I needed that so much. Erika calling and asking if Josiah could come over and play, I needed that. Cindy calling me this morning to see if both older kids could come play today, I needed that. My friends help me through so much and when they love my kids, I know they love me. I need that.

Sometimes I struggle to accept this new season in my life and to allow others around me to help me. But, I am getting better. Three years ago, I got injured. It was like I broke my leg and wore a cast for three years. Finally I was done with the crutches but, now I have a limp. Even though the leg is healed, it's hard to trust that I can put my full weight on it and not fall and hurt it all over again. So, I walk with a limp. Thankfully I have friends here to help me get over that limp.


  posted at 3:36 PM

At 3:43 PM, Blogger Gina said...

I am so proud of you!!! I LOVE YOU and need you just as much as you need me. :o) Your words about our family touched me more than you know and although my love is "tough love", well sorta, you will NEVER have to question it.

You will always know where you stand with me and rest assured, WE will talk through anything and everything, LOL

One of Chris's favorite songs is "Lean on Me" by Kirk Franklin, and that really is why we exist and what friends are really for. We are and will always be here for you, Jeremy and your beautiful family!

See ya tonight,
Love you Girl!!!!!!!!!!!

At 5:11 PM, Blogger Wendy said...

How great to have so many friends surrounding you! I love how God perfectly places them in our lives at the right time and how iron truly does sharpen iron.

At 6:17 PM, Blogger V. said...

Jacob limped too.

"The idea that Jacob was able to struggle with his God as he would struggle with a brother or any physical opponent is an important concept for people of faith to think about. Jacob gives his God everything he has got. God is not merely a passive sounding board nor does God offer this man condescending words of comfort: "There, there Jacob. Everything will be all right. Trust me." God joins the struggle and God gives Jacob what he needs. God also demands that Jacob put forward everything he can. This is a confrontation where no one is holding back. I am grateful for this image. Jacob needs a fight. Jacob needs to find a way to fight the demons of his past so he can cross the river into the land that holds so much promise and redemption for him"

(not my words...from

Love you! (tee hee)


At 7:01 PM, Blogger Paula said...

It is so awesome to see God working. A year ago could you have imagine this kind of thing. AWESOME!!

I am glad you were able to get some good smelly stuff.

At 3:36 AM, Blogger Dee @ All the While said...

Other than being jealous (LOL) of you being surrounded with girls like this - which I haven't had since being in NC... I LOVE THIS POST! You have what I had and I LOVED! It is WONDERFUL indeed to have people who love YOU - the WHOLE YOU - the imperfect YOU!!! AND - they even love your family, now how much better than that can it get?!?

God knows just when we need certain things - and GIRL, he saved these girls for "such a time as this." Your "limp" will soon disappear - but you have gained so much through it!! :)

Tough love - so what -- sometimes that is the BEST LOVE - because it is HONEST and REAL!

AND --- so what did you choose at B&B Works?!? :) LOL!


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