Wednesday, December 13, 2006
Sorry, not quite done for the day yet!
I received and email a few days ago regarding inappropriate TV shows. It asks Christians to sign a petition or mail in letters to certain networks explaining how they do not support shows that support homosexual lifestyles. There were many shows listed all because of the issue of a homosexual character or story line or even a homosexual host. I also got one of these emails when the show Will & Grace first aired back in September of 1998. This email/petition threatens networks by saying they will not watch anything on their particular network and encourages them to remove the show from the lineup permanently in order to keep the support of Christians. (Do people really think that this works?)

So this afternoon I was trying to take a nap but I kept thinking about that email. I began to realize that I have never been sent an email of that sort regarding the show Oprah. Oprah will refer to God on her show but you will never hear her say the word JESUS. Oprah also openly talks about her take on marriage, which is, she does not believe in marriage. She also has a companion that lives with her and since they are not married, I think that would qualify her as a sinner. I could go on and on and on about Oprah and how she does not match up to the Christian community standards. It's funny because I have never been told or encouraged to NOT watch her but when it comes to the show Ellen, that's a different story. I have never watched Ellen, usually I am napping during that time with my kids. Actually I have never been emailed anything about boycotting shows that have premarital sex, fornication, people living together or even shows that involve stories with violent crimes. What about the show Friends?? Back in the day of friends, everyone I knew watched Friends and still do on syndication.

Let's think about the shows we love. How about the shows we all adore and become addicted to? The Office, Lost, Survivor (always has a homosexual), Grey's Anatomy (must I even explain that one? And I really like this show a little too much!), Boston Legal, 24, OPRAH, CSI, Prison Break, Brother's and Sisters (another one I like), The Nine, Six Degrees, and soooooooo many more. Never have I ever received a petition via email to sign because of their story line or characters. Although brother's and Sisters does have a homosexual character so one may be coming soon.

Funny how we categorize sin. It's easy to do and very convenient too. Let's put OUR sin in a pretty box so know one will see how bad it really is.

I'm gonna talk about this stuff over and over again. I am sure I will annoy someone or tick someone off by bringing these things up ALL THE TIME. But, I just ain't gonna stop. This world is a messed up place and we all need to start thinking a little harder about what we stand for and how much we are really willing to walk the talk. My blog is about to loose any popularity it ever had, not that it did. But you know what I mean! :)Sorry people, but my spirit is so uncomfortable right now and I gotta share in hopes of making someone, anyone out there think a little smarter.

Oh and if you are looking for a great read, Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller is awesome! Thank you Kelly Ann for giving it to me for Christmas! I love it!

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